Sending Holiday Cheer with Party Chick and Paper!

It’s October, which means the holiday season- turkeys, menorahs, and trees will be making their appearance shortly! My advice? Get your holiday cards done sooner rather than later. No one wants to be roasting a turkey and addressing envelopes at the same time. Party Chick and Paper has hundreds of options to find the perfect holiday card to represent this past year for your family or business.


The holiday season means sharing, celebrating, and reflecting on the past year with the people in our lives. Holiday cards are a personal way to show friends and family that they are important to you no matter if they live miles away and you haven’t seen them in a few years, or they live down the street and you may bump into them at the mailbox!


Customizable photo holiday cards are the most popular route for families and individuals. They allow a physical and visual memento of the growth of your family year to year. The weather is starting to cool down in Greensboro, NC and optimal time to break out your camera or book your local photographer to capture the picture to use for your holiday card this year.


Party Chick and Paper can not only help to pick out the design, layout, and wording for your holiday card but we also have some tips to capture a great holiday photo!

Being your own photographer? We tip our hats to you!
1. Use a big photo! You’re kids or dog are beautiful and it is best to show one big beautiful photo than 20 tiny thumb shots.
2. Let us see your faces. Like we said, Y’all are beautiful! So was the location of your vacation this year but we would rather see your delightful faces rather than your microscopic family in front of a huge landmark.
3. Don’t compromise quality for setting. The setting that you chose for your photo shoot is super charming but it made crazy awkward shadows on your kids’ faces. Don’t be allured but a charming setting that compromises the key feature of your photo- your family!
4. Don’t include random people in your photo. That’s really spectacular that you have a new niece but your daughter or son holding the baby will confuse us and make us think you had a baby that we knew nothing about!
5. Do some basic editing. If the photo you love is ridiculously dark and can’t take another shot then use the basic photo editing software on your computer or phone to lighten it up. Contrast and exposure can be your best friends.

Hiring a local photographer? That’s great too!
1. Ask your local friends or ask Party Chick and Paper. We know local and we can help suggest some photographers that our previous clients have adored.
2. Hit the interwebs. Check out the photographer’s site, social media, and reviews to determine the best fit for the type of shoot you are going for.
3. Book the shoot date. Photographers are busy this time of year so better early than later if you want to get ahead of the busy season and have your cards done before Thanksgiving.
4. Plan your outfits. This is where you can have fun! Do you want to all be semi-matching? Ugly Christmas sweaters? Quick costume change to get extra photos for the family album and maximize your booking slot?
5. Select your Photo. Your photographer is a pro so he/she has provided your with ample choices. Try narrowing the selection to three and bringing the proofs into Party Chick and Paper we can help find the best layout to compliment your photo.

Party Chick and Paper is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm for you to view the many options and styles and select the one that is perfect for you. Once you select the card the process of ordering, reviewing the proof, and receiving them is approximately 2 weeks.

Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday Photo Cards