Have you heard the news?

Tony & David (the guys that own Party Chick and Paper) have purchased Murphy’s Upholstery Shop on Gate City Blvd! I realize that is a very strange sentence to read so let me explain.

The Chick is Tony’s full time gig and his passion- doesn’t it show? Everything in the store, party stuff, stuff about chickens and lots of great paper are all his passions. Tony has been in the party and stationary industry for his entire career. David, on the other hand, is only involved back of the house with things like marketing and finance management.

Currently David works for a technology company in Arizona as an account manager where he sits on conference calls all day – boring! And worse, his job doesn’t let him interact and serve friends and neighbors in Greensboro. So he went searching for a change.

Initially David was looking for a cabinet shop to buy owing to his penchant for wood working and house remodeling but what he found was something entirely different, an 80+ year old company with an excellent reputation for both quality and service!

After meeting now-former-owner Mike Walker we knew that Murphy’s was a great acquisition. Mike and his team have spent the past 20 years becoming the quality leader in the area, serving the exact same customer base as Tony serves at The Chick. So a deal was made.

So here we are! Two guys, two companies, one great city! Murphy’s is your go-to for Exquisite Quality and Impeccable Service. Don’t replace your sofa, ottoman, couch, loveseat or headboard, reCREATE it with beautiful fabrics and design!

Ready to get started? Call us! 852-5050