Halloween Party Planning for a Scary Good Time

Halloween is our favorite time of year at Party Chick and Paper! It all started when Tony was growing up and decorating was a big part of the month of October. As a child, the creepy witches, haunted ghouls, and scary jack-o-lanterns created a wonderous fantasy world that he would look forward to every year. Now that Party Chick and Paper is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, we want to share some ideas and planning tips to the Greensboro community to have a scary good halloween party. Check out our Halloween Pinterest Page for more inspiration, food ideas, and other Halloween fun!
Party Chick & Paper’s Top Halloween Party Themes
1. Vintage/Historical Halloween
Costumes: Dress up as historical figures or classic halloween characters and encourage guests to think outside of the box. Think Headless Horseman, Salem Witches, Black Cat, Scarecrow, Bride of Frankenstein.
Decorations: Vintage paper cut outs, turnip lanterns, jack-o-lanterns, candles in wine bottles, Pick-Your-Poison Bar, Apothecary labels
2 Harry Potter Potions Party
Costumes: Witches, Wizards, Voldemort, Dementors, House Elves, Ghosts, the Sorting Hat, even the Golden Snitch!
Decorations: Floating Candles, Platform 9 ¾ Entryway, Polyjuice Potion Punch, Have You Seen This Wizard Photo Booth, Golden Snitch Desserts, Quidditch Beer Pong, Pin the Scar on Harry, Spiders along your walls, Cauldrons
3. Zombie Murder Mystery
Activities: Download a pre-written zombie murder mystery game or write your own script and assign characters then watch as the epidemic spreads
Food: Put a skeleton on the dining table and set out creative foods that will delight- or gross out- your guests since it is for human flesh eaters only. Linked sausages, egg eyeballs, bloody punch, bloody candied apples.
4. Secret Identity Masquerade Ball
The Concept: From comic book characters to The Scarlet Pimpernel to Darth Vader to King Tut, this party is for anyone who wears a mask or bears a secret identity. Send elegant (or creepy) invitations explaining costume requirements to your guests, and encourage them to go wild. Everyone loves the mystery of “who’s behind the mask.”
Activities: Have games or contests pitting Batman against the Joker. You can include a costume contest with prizes to add to the fun, and play Halloween music that goes along with your theme.
5. Cult Movie Night
Costumes: Dress up as movie characters, objects, scenes from some of the best halloween cult classics such as Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Exorcist, Carrie, Friday the 13th.

Halloween Planning & Prep
1. Guest list & Invitations. Determining the guest list for your soiree is important to set the tone for your event. Are you hosting a sit down meal or is it casual snacking with a come as you will start time? Snail mail invitations emphasize your event, make it memorable, and also function as a physical memento of the time you share with your friends. Typically, unless there is a need for a specific head count such as dinner party or murder mystery game an RSVP for a Halloween party is not necessary. There is still time for you to order your invitations and get them sent out through Party Chick and Paper!
2. Decorations. Halloween is a fantastic holiday to get creative! Some folks decide to decorate from the curb all the way inside but the choice is entirely up to you. Our Pinterest page has tons of inspiration to create a cohesive look for the theme of your choice. Party Chick and Paper specializes in vintage paper decorations, classy paper fan decor, and fun items such as halloween photo booth accessories to make your party special. Lighting is an easy way to set the spooky tone of your party with candles, light up skulls, and fun red colored bulbs.
3. Food & drink.
Activities. There are quirky and traditional ways to keep your guests engaged with an activity and it helps with any awkwardness for those that are meeting new people for the first time. Bobbing for apples, candy corn witch pitch, voting for the costume contest, Halloween movie trivia, and Halloween picture scavenger hunt are just to name a few!
Music. Think about the guest list and what type of Halloween party you are throwing? If there is dancing incorporate some Halloween classics like the Monster Mash and Thriller into the Mix. Streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora have playlists for any party theme to set the vibe of the night.
4. Setup & last minute details. The day before your event you will want to set up the areas where you would like different activities of the night to occur. The food and drink stations should be easily found and create a flow into your home to mingle with other guests. Games and other activities can be hosted in common areas or outside if the weather permits. Be sure to check if you have enough paper plates, napkins, cups and plastic cutlery to make cleanup a breeze. Do you need extra candles, batteries, or bulbs for any of your decor?
Party Chick and Paper has tons of halloween themed invitations and party supplies to make your Halloween bash a success!