Fall in Love…with Fudge Love!……………..click here!

When shopping for the store we look for items that are unique and/or have some significance beyond just a commodity on a store shelf.

One of our most beloved vendors is a line of hand made chocolates called Sweet Shop USA and their uber famous Fudge Love.  Fudge Love, for the un-indoctrinated, is a piece of hand rolled fudge that is dipped in chocolate, rolled in nuts then dipped in another layer of chocolate.  Made with all natural ingredients and all hand made, you can taste the quality in every tasty bite!

My personal story with Fudge Love goes back 40 years when my dad was a young sales guy, making little to no money.  The Fudge Love factory was next to his office and every year he saved up to buy one box of Fudge Love for my mom.  Years later when he opened his own business he gave a box of Fudge Love to each of his top customers every year for the holidays.

Many years later when I was working for the all-first-class airline, Legend Airlines, I had Sweet Shop make a custom single piece box that we boarded as dessert on every meal tray – that truly was First Class!

Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are pleased to bring back the tradition of Fudge Love in the Farris-Doles families.  In addition to the namesake truffles we will also have fun candies and chocolates from our favorite handmade chocolatier including chocolate covered oreos and Fudge Love pops!

We hope you and your family enjoy these beautiful candies as much as we have in our family.