Party Chick and Paper is a locally owned, fabulously fun, gift, stationery, holiday and party store located in Greensboro, NC. Opening October 1, 2015, Party Chick and Paper brings very personalized service to a high energy, very fun store full of all the things you need – even if you may not know it yet!

Party Chick and Paper is owned by partners Tony Doles and David Farris who also owned three similar stores during their years living in Dallas, TX. Doles went to high school in Rocky Mount(family still lives in Oak Ridge and Davidson) and Farris lived in Greensboro from ’88–’99, first as a flight attendant for Piedmont Airlines then later as a small business owner. The two met in Dallas in 2005 and their first store, T.Hee Greetings opened in 2008. In the summer of 2015 the last T.Hee closed so the couple could focus their energy on the new store in Greensboro.

Shortly after meeting, the couple started visiting old friends in Greensboro– making 2–3 trips a year. It wasn’t long before they realized that Dallas is a great town – but nothing holds a candle to the warmth and charm of Greensboro.So they set their sights on relocating to the Gate City – a journey that took 8 long years – but was worth the wait.

Now the couple is using their 8 years of experience along with vendor relationships built over almost a decade of partnership to build a new store, just for Greensboro!

Party Chick and Paper is the kind of store that you can drop in to a few times a week and always find something new or different. Greeting cards are always a draw as we carry literally thousands of cards from dozens of different vendors and artists.

Holidays are another big draw at Party Chick and Paper. We have (at least) a little something for every celebration from Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether it’s a little happy gift or full on decorations – we help you celebrate life’s most fabulous moments.

Speaking of celebrating, Party Chick and Paper offers a full suite of custom items. From wedding invitations to jewelry, monogramming to personalized jars of cookies and candy, we can help you create just the right look to make your party or your gifts personally you!

At the end of the day, we are the epitome of #shoplocal. We are committed to doing everything in our power to buy from other local businesses and we use our store and our facility to help support local charities and organizations. We believe in doing business the “old fashioned way” where the owner works in the store every day and customers always run into someone they know when shopping – it’s just that kind of store.

Whether you are shopping online or in our store, please know that you are buying from your neighbors and they greatly appreciate your business. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line or ring us up if we can assist in any way.

Welcome to Party Chick and Paper!